The Smart Luggage System

The Smart Luggage System locates your luggage with a simple push of a button.

The Smart Luggage System is a remote monitoring and alarm system designed for use with luggage in airport terminals and baggage claim areas. It would enable a traveler to securely lock their bags, to open them with a personal code, and to locate their luggage on a baggage carousel via an alarm command to which the device will respond with an audible paging tone. It is designed to make traveling easier by improving the handling, securing, and locating of one's luggage quicker, easier, and more convenient.

The Smart Luggage System is a wireless, battery powered electronic system designed to enable a traveler to remotely unlock their luggage if required to do so by authorities, and page their luggage so that it emits an audible paging tone to aid in locating and retrieving the luggage on the baggage carousel. It will consist of two components: 1- an RF receiver that will be installed in the chosen article of luggage, and will function to receive and execute commands from 2- a hand held, key fob style remote control and RF transmitter carried by the traveler, and is used to unlock and page their luggage. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Smart Luggage System.

The Patent Pending Smart Luggage System was invented by Mamdoua Abdalla, of Staten Island, NY, who said, "This is a relatively simple design, with unlocking and paging functions activated by RF signal from the remote and the Smart Luggage System would be simple to manufacture by existing companies. You could have your own personal identification code and choice of sounds for the paging function. It will save time and provide the user with accurate luggage which is important today because so many pieces look identical."

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