'The Smart Mirror': Provides Needed Images on Semi-Trucks and Other Vehicles

Being totally alert while driving is a vital component of safety on the highway and one way to keep alert is to utilize this new device. The Smart Mirror is a unique, side-view mirror camera and dashboard monitor that would enable any motorist to capture vehicles or other objects in their “blind spots” and enable truckers to effectively monitor their trailers and cargoes – even when they're away from their trucks.

The Smart Mirror functions like any side-view mirror however, in the top center of the Smart Mirror is a wide-angle, zoom-capable lens of a live-feed, digital video camera – a camera that relays its images directly to a dashboard monitor, or to a GPS device, or to a driver's smartphone or tablet (with the appropriate software application). This camera, through either the dashboard monitor or the equipped smart device is directable and can be zoomed. The camera monitors the blind-spots alongside the truck or other vehicle and displays to the driver any objects, vehicles, or persons in the blind-spots. Because the Smart Mirror's live-feed video stream may be accessed remotely – via tablet or smartphone – the Mirror will also give truckers the ability to monitor their trailers when away from their rigs: and to capture and record both still and video images should vandals or thieves appear on the scene. The Smart Mirror also functions as a conventional side-view mirror while driving and acts to identify and provide for remote monitoring and evidence-collection when the driver is away from his or her vehicle. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Smart Mirror.
The Smart Mirror is Patent Pending and was invented by Jaime Munoz of Altadena, CA who said, “All drivers and particularly, long-haul tractor-trailer drivers will benefit from this instant means of detecting activity in their blind spots. The ability to remotely monitor their vehicle makes the Smart Mirror an A+ device because it works perfectly.”

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