"The Smart Scrub ": Works Smart With Powered Brushes for Spotless Cleaning

Cleaning is a duty that all consumers want to finish as easily and quickly as possible. Reaching spaces that are not easy to access often causes sore and strain muscles but there is a simpler way to manage this if using the right tools. The Smart Scrub is a multifunctional cleaning tool featuring a telescoping handle, motorized power, and interchangeable brush heads. The design intent is to provide a device that renders cleaning bathrooms, floors and kitchens less labor intensive and less time consuming.

The Smart Scrub handle has telescoping capabilities. Below the grip is a sliding On/Off switch that activates the internal motor and a Low/Medium/High button is provided to control the velocity of the scrubbing power. Power is provided by an internal, plug-in-rechargeable battery source, placed directly inside the handle. Smart Scrub handle culminates in a rotating base that serves as a universal attachment point for the brush heads allowing the scrubbers to freely pivot in any direction. Smart Scrub has 3 different size brushes—small, large and extra-large—each has a durable plastic housing receptacle for a cleanser and the series of bristles are designed to rotate in a circular motion ensuring a thorough cleaning yet gentle enough so that surfaces are not scratched. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Smart Scrub.
The Patent Pending Smart Scrub was invented by Malisa Baldwin of New Brunswick, NJ who said, “When utilizing Smart Scrub muscle strains and serious back injuries are avoided. It is beneficial to all users, particularly seniors and those with limited mobility. Smart Scrub is convenient and eliminates the need to use a ladder too. It works and cleans perfectly.”

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