"The SmarteWax Toilet Seal Kit": A Durable Double Seal and a User-Friendly Means of Replacing a Toilet's Outlet Seal

Invents unveils "The SmarteWax Toilet Seal Kit" the perfect All-In-One Kit for a supreme reliable seal.

There is not much worse in a residence (or office, etc.) then the occasion when a toilet doesn't work right. It can be even more frustrating when the toilet leaks when someone flushes it at any time. The SmarteWax Toilet Seal Kit is a specially designed kit containing the various accessories needed to install or replace a toilet seal. The design intent is to provide a durable DOUBLE SEAL and a user-friendly means of replacing a toilet's outlet seal, with the components of the kit—and, in particular, the specially designed smaller and thinner wax ring that serves to provide a more reliable seal and ensure supreme, leak-proof operation of the toilet fixture. Included in the kit is a reusable rubber seal, necessary gaskets and toilet anchor bolts (a wax gasket is preferred because it is waterproof, replaceable and long-lasting).

The SmarteWax Toilet Seal Kit has an universal application and will work with virtually any newly manufactured toilet. The various components are configured expressly to provide a better fitting, more secure toilet fixture while also creating a durable double seal that effectively prevents leaks from occurring. It is a far superior alternative to traditional toilet sealing accessories and is easy to install. Since SmarteWax is affixed at the bottom of a toilet base, anyone, who uses this product will never experience a water leak even though the toilet has any kind of movement/wobbling. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in SmarteWax Toilet Seal Kit.

The Patent Pending SmarteWax Toilet Seal Kit was invented by Abel Mehari of Chicago, IL who said, “The SmarteWax Toilet Seal Kit has been a long time coming and a long time needed. It serves the purpose and aids the user whether the user is a professional plumber or a Do-It-Yourself homeowner. The benefits of this product are beyond belief and work for all users.”

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