"The Smoke Away, a Remote Controlled Smoke Detector": Turns Off an Accidentally Tripped Alarm Without Disabling the Unit

​In many households, the smoke alarm goes off whenever one is cooking or burning candles. Imagine a way to silence that piercing sound without having to stop what one is doing in order to disable the device. The Smoke Away is a specially designed smoke detector that can be shut off by remote control. It allows one to turn off an accidentally tripped alarm without completely disabling the unit. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Smoke Away.

The Patent Pending Smoke Away was invented by Roy Ashby, Jr. of Philadelphia, PA, who said, “The Smoke Away is similar to the standard smoke alarm, but two unique components set it apart. Inside is a tuned frequency and a receiver circuit that work with a remote control. Also, a small fan device infuses the detector with diverting air, helping to silence the unit. The remote control itself is a small, rectangular transmitting unit that is configured with a frequency generator, amplifier, internal antenna, and the required electrical/electronic components and circuitry encased within a durable plastic housing. A small replaceable battery powers the unit. A push button switch activates the Smoke Away.”

The inventor added, “When one points the remote and presses the button, the companion receiving unit is tuned to the specific frequency generated by the transmitter unit. The circuitry in the receiver then generates an “enable' signal to a logic device which applies a voltage level to the fan unit, causing it to send puffs of air into the detector.  This diverts the smoke or steam away and the beeper unit is silenced. At the same time, the ionization sensor is temporary paused. After a predetermined interval, the ionization sensor is reactivated, and the smoke alarm is back in working order.”

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