The Snap and Stir

This new too, the Snap and Stir has several cooking spoons that attach to just one handle.

Many people would agree that they need more storage space-especially in the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets and drawers are so crammed with appliances and cooking utensils that trying to cook a meal ends up being more time consuming because one has to hunt for what is needed. The Snap and Stir is one way to save space in kitchen drawers and utensil canisters. The Snap and Stir, a product line of high-quality cooking spoons, has several assorted bowls that snap, detachably, onto a single universal handle. Besides providing dependable performance, the Snap and Stir saves space, streamlining and better organizing kitchen storage. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Snap and Stir.

The Patent Pending Snap and Stir was invented by Betty Jo Thompson of Nacogoloches,, TX, who said, "The Snap and Stir can be produced in a tough and durable, dishwasher-safe, molded thermoplastic and/or in a stamped metal, with the thermoplastic model available in a variety of popular colors. The Snap and Stir line includes a slotted spoon, a perforated strainer/drainer spoon, an elliptical stirring spoon, a ladle, and an extra wide, circular strainer spoon."

The inventor added, "The Snap and Stir enables cooks to eliminate the many single-purpose cooking spoons that now clutter their kitchens. The universal handle of the Snap and Stir takes up little space and the multiple spoon bowls stack or "nest" on top of each other. They store in a space about the size of a cereal bowl."

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