"The Snappy Happy Fishing Clips": Neatly Secures A Collection Of Fishing Poles When They Are Not In Use

"The Snappy Happy Fishing Clips" means no more tangles and disorder when storing and transporting costly poles.

Attention anglers everywhere! Imagine having a tool that is specially designed to neatly secure a collection of fishing poles together when they are not in use. The design intent of this new product, called the Snappy Happy Fishing Clips, will do just that. It is a simple and effective means of maintaining the integrity of the poles and lines while the units are in storage or during transport. Neat, organized, and secure are the right words to describe the Snappy Happy Fishing Clips.

The Snappy Happy Fishing Clips is a tool specially designed to neatly secure a collection of fishing poles together when they are not in use and the device is able to keep poles and rods neatly together and prevent damage to lines and the poles themselves. Each clip is made of a durable heavy duty molded plastic material and features the shape of a fish. When placed around the pole's body, it snugly ensconces it and smaller clips are affixed around the top and center section with a large base clip fitting around the bottom of the pole's handle. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Snappy Happy Fishing Clips.

ThePatent Pending Snappy Happy Fishing Clips were invented by Billy Austin of Edison, NJwho said, “Dedicated anglers recognize the need to secure and protect rods and poles when not in use and my new device fulfills that need perfectly. They eliminate the need to stack loose poles and rods in piles and ensure the poles have proper support. No more lines will snap while poles are store and angles need not be concerned about replacing lines when ready to cast for that big one!”

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