The 'SnowGo Mat' by Sharrod Valentine: Heated Waterproof Blanket Melts the Snow and Ice With Ease

Here is a special alert to those living in the northern climes.  Snow and ice are typical problems during the winter months and any way to alleviate these problems is of vital impact to the population. This unique product offers a solution. The “SnowGo Mat” by Sharrod Valentine is a specially designed, rechargeable and solar-powered heated covering that also vibrates to eradicate snow and ice on public and private driveways and walkways. Easily rolled up for storage and saving consumers time and energy as well as physical exertion, the design intent is to provide homes and businesses with a simple and effective means of preventing snow and ice accumulation by offering the ability to melt and break down accumulated ice and snow through heat and vibration, thereby eliminating the need to painstakingly shovel to clear these areas.

The rectangular mat comes in various dimensions to accommodate both household and commercial needs. A small size is approximately 3'W x 5’W with a medium 3’W x 10”L and a large at 3’W x 15”L. The SnowGo Mat is lightweight, flexible and easy to roll for storage just like an exercise mat.  It is manufactured in either slip-resistant rubber, plastic or comparable synthetic material. To heat the entire surface of the mat, the heating element is configured as a multitude of fast-acting, circular heating pods that produce both heat and vibration on the outer layer of the mat, which melts and breaks down snow and ice. Each SnowGo Mat has three recharging and powering options, either through a standard wall outlet, a vehicle cigarette lighter outlet or power socket, and/or by an integrated solar panel. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the “SnowGo Mat” by Sharrod Valentine.
The “SnowGo Mat” By Sharrod Valentine is patent pending and was invented by Sharrod Valentine of New York, New York who said, “Shoveling snow strains the body, but using this requires no real physical energy. It removes the snow from the walkway, driveway or steps with ease. It works.”

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