" the Socket Wrench Corner Adapter": A Tool With Real Meaning for Every User

​Extra length can make a big change in how some things are done. The Socket Wrench Corner Adapter is a drive extension for ratchet-driven socket-wrenches and air-driven impact wrenches. Incorporating a 90º joint with drive extension sockets, this product provides mechanics, construction-tradesmen, and handymen, with a simple and effective means of working around corners and getting into hard-to-reach places not accessible with standard drive extensions, thus getting the leverage and range of motion needed for removal or installation of nuts and bolts.

The Socket Wrench Corner Adapter in ¼-inch, 3/8 -inch, and ½-inch socket drives, is for use with both English and Metric socket sets. Set within a right-angled sleeve or tube of tool-grade chrome-vanadium steel, either end of which is equipped with a square socket-drive head. The interior of the Adapter features, in the inventor's description, “five rotating pins that presents mechanics and others, with an “L”-shaped, right-angle drive adapter, intended for use with a power impact wrench, suitable for production the socket adapter to spin in place (thus, tightening or loosening nuts and bolts), when using a power tool (or impact wrench).” Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Socket Wrench Corner Adapter.

The Patent Pending Socket Wrench Corner Adapter was invented by an  automotive mechanic and inventor, Jose Caldera of Buena Park, CA who said, “The Socket Wrench Corner Adapter provides the best possible  means of accomplishing the job. It gives the user the reach that is often inaccessible with a regular wrench. It saves time (thus money), frustration and aggravation. It works perfectly.”

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