"The Socks Bin": Laundry Perfection With Storage, Washing and Drying Effects

Laundry is a hassle for many people. Anything to lighten this duty is important and makes for a better situation for the consumer. Dirty clothing can have unpleasant odors and is particularly true of dirty socks. The Socks Bin is a specially designed line of odor resistant, hanging laundry bags configured expressly for storing and laundering pairs of socks. The design intent of this product is to provide consumers with an attractive and practical means of storing soiled socks, as well as washing and drying these ubiquitous accessories, while ensuring that single socks do not get inadvertently lost in the process.

The device is a two-piece unit comprised of an inner laundry bag and outer decorative storage bag measuring approximately 14”L x 9”W. The Socks Bin comes in various shapes and sizes, with some appearing as a football, purse, cowboy boot, and more. Taken separately, the Socks Bin interior laundry bag is manufactured of a double stitched and reinforced wide mesh or comparable material that allows water and laundry detergent as well as heated air from the dryer to freely circulate throughout the bag and socks. This lightweight laundry bag has a simple drawstring/zipper closure for use in sealing the bag. The Socks Bin's outer storage bag measure slightly larger in length and width than the interior laundry bag and serves as a decorative casing for the laundry bag which helps to retain odors. This outer bag is manufactured of nylon, canvas or comparable material and configured to fit over the laundry bag in a sleeve type manner.  This bag features a simple drawstring closure affording easy access to the laundry bag. The top of the bag has a fastener for securing the bag to an included hanging mechanism. This hanger is a standard hook-like holder or similar holder for securing the bag to a door handle or closet door.
The Socks Bin is Patent Pending and was invented by Ibironke Bakare of Sugarland, TX who said, “This keeps socks together and in place before and during washing and it is both efficient and simple to use. The odor blocking decorative storage sleeve contained within the unit ensures a pleasant environment before the laundry is done and ensures that paired socks remain together and ends the frustrating search for the missing socks. It works.”

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