"The Soldering Copper Tube": Providing Propane-Free and Flame-Free Safer Soldering

​Wikipedia explains soldering is used in plumbing, electronics, and metalwork from flashing to jewelry. Soldering provides reasonably permanent but reversible connections between copper pipes in plumbing systems as well as joints in sheet metal objects such as food cans, roof flashing, rain gutters, and automobile radiators. The inventor designed the new Soldering Copper Tube which is a tool and method for propane-free and flame-free soldering of two to three-inch-long copper tubing. It is designed to electrically heat copper pipe that is to be joined, instead of relying on the heat of a propane torch. The Soldering Copper Tube offers a safer, more uniform, and effective means of repairing and joining copper pipe.

The Soldering Copper Tube is a compact system with a pair of add-on adapters for use with a standard heat gun. They are small and compact and come in various sizes besides the ones designed for use with 5/8” pipe and one for 7/8” pipe. Terminals of a heat gun (not included) provide direct current and as electrons flow into, around and out of the cylindrical sleeve as Direct Current in a circuit, the sleeve or adapter ring heats quickly to the temperature where copper pipe becomes sufficiently plastic to bond without the need and risk of a propane torch.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Soldering Copper Tube.
The Patent Pending Soldering Copper Tube was invented by Joseph Horvath of Northbrook IL who said, “This device aids tradesmen (plumbers and HVAC technicians) to easily join and repair two- to three-inch copper tubing without the need for a propane torch and thus without an open flame. It is easy-to-use, compact safe and effective. It works.”
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