"The Speaker Enhancer-Clarity S": Cell Phone Speaker Provides Crystal Clear Sound Using This Device

​A substantial majority of Americans are cellphone owners across a wide range of demographic groups. Per Internet statistics there are more than 319 million cell phones in America alone. Here is a product that will expediently improve sound quality and facilitate clear communication making it easier to hear. The Speaker Enhancer-Clarity S is a specially designed, portable accessory for cellular phones that serves as an external speaker. The design intent is to provide phone users with a device that improves the clarity of sound, as well as the volume when using the speaker function while also encouraging safer phone usage. The Speaker Enhancer-Clarity S could also be used to amplify all audio output on one's phone, including music and the like.

It is a cylindrical unit in a durable plastic casing featuring a combination of an audio speaker and a powerful microphone. A flexible wire extends downward and culminates in a connection plug featuring a universal jack that accommodates the headset port of most every phone model. It is easy to use simply by plugging in the Enhancer. The speaker produces crystal clear sound and the second party can clearly hear the person speaking. It provides hands-free operation and eliminates the need to use earpieces to understand the speech of the other person. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Speaker Enhancer-Clarity S.
The Speaker Enhancer-Clarity S is Patent Pending and was invented by Travis Towns of Philadelphia, PA who said, “A user can speak into it as well as clearly hear responses. No longer will earpieces be necessary because this device provides completely clear audio whether it be speech or music. It works perfectly.”

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