"The Steering Wheel Table": Allows for Mobile Time Spent Comfortably to Work or to Eat

Numerous careers require time spent in a vehicle during work days and everyone needs to feel comfortable in various situations whether it is in a chair, at table, desk, or when in a vehicle. This unique table supplies the needed requirement and is not in the way when not in use. The Steering Wheel Table is a specially designed, foldable surface configured to attach to the steering wheel of an automobile. It can hold a laptop, tablet, book, or a meal. The design intent is to provide those who spend extended periods in their vehicles, such as business professionals, truck drivers, and even parents on-the-go, with a stable, comfortable surface on which to work, or eat, while parked.

The Steering Wheel Table is fashioned from durable, lightweight plastic materials. The rectangular flat table surface is curved on the hinged side to accommodate the steering wheel when applied. The back of the table's surface, and that which would rest against the steering wheel is bordered by a slightly raised wall providing a handy assist in keeping items from falling through the spaces of the steering wheel. Hinge connected to the table surface is the steering wheel rest which is semi-circular allowing one to simply rest it over the top and sides of the steering wheel. The Steering Wheel Table is equipped with a pair of clamps or snap locks if necessary. Quickly affixed to the steering wheel and with the table folded down, the user can create an instant work surface while parked. Once applied, the Steering Wheel Table can accommodate a laptop, tablet computer, work files, books, or a pen and paper as well as function as a dining table while on-the-go. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Steering Wheel Table.
The Steering Wheel Table is Patent Pending and was invented by Carlos Avila of Lynwood, CA who said, “This eliminates trying to juggle a laptop or write using one’s lap as a surface when in a vehicle. Better yet, it allows one to eat in place without losing food or having spills on the clothes when enjoying that oversized burger or other goodies. It works.”

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