The Stick With It, A Product Line of Adjustable, Spring-Tensioned Hanger-Rods

A neat way to maximize limited space and a novel way to add creative design accents to a room.

There never seems to be enough “space”, either in one's home or office. Imagine a way to turn wasted corner space into an efficient “extra closet”. Now, one can with the Stick With It, a product line of adjustable, spring-tensioned hanger-rods, designed for use in the corners of rooms to hang a variety of objects and materials, such as clothes, belts, scarves, blankets, curtains, quilts, hanging plants, and sporting gear, just to name a few. The Stick With It is especially ideal for apartment dwellers because it can easily be moved from one corner to another or from one apartment to another without leaving any marks.

Similar in design to an extendable shower curtain rod, the Stick With It is easy to use, non-marring, stable and sturdy. Available in a variety of colors, it is fabricated in a tough and durable, hard molded thermoplastic. The three available lengths of the Stick With It are; one that extends from 12 to 18 inches and designed to support up to 5 pounds; one from 18 to 30 inches designed for loads up to 10 pounds; and one from 30 to 42 inches designed for loads of up to 15 pounds. The terminal plates are padded for a secure, non-slip, non-marring junction and produced in three alternative shapes- round, square and diamond-shaped. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Stick With It.

The Patent Pending Stick With It was invented by Beverly Skinner of Elgin, IL, who said, “To use, simply rotate one end of the two-sectioned rod until the rod is slightly longer than the space being spanned. Then press the rod into place between the two walls, where it will remain because of the internal, compressed spring. To remove the rod, simply reverse the process. The rods are equipped with pivoting ball-joints at either end, these connecting with terminal fittings on either end to ensure a solid anchorage against the two walls.”

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