"The Stinka Butt": A Term of Endearment for Small Kids With Brand Name Recognition

Recognition of logos such as Coke is a typical response that manufacturers want to attain for their differentiating products. And, it works because consumers recognize and purchase for durability and product quality. The Stinka Butt™ is a clever brand slogan specially designed to be displayed on a line of children's clothing, as well as other garments such as bibs, socks, hats, mittens, and more; and on mugs, key chains, and other novelty or child-friendly items. The design intent is to provide a fun, catchy brand and symbol on a line of clothing and other various items that can be enjoyed by families — including adults and children alike.

Screen printed, appliquéd, or directly sewn onto merchandise, Stinka Butt™ is a visual representation that imparts a name and a message, “stinka butt,” that is a term of endearment for a small child or children originating in the African American community. The inventors seek to make this catchy term universal by adorning children's clothes and accessories, such as shirts, onesies, beanies, mittens, bibs, and similar. For example, a onesie could feature the saying, “Stinka Butt loves his/her Daddy/Mommy/Granny” etc. As can be imagined, other creative combinations featuring such a logo are virtually limitless. Especially ideal for display on T-shirts, the positive, playful message evoked by Stinka Butt™ would lend itself to a wide variety of other garments, from sweaters and jackets to jeans and ball caps as well as novelty items including mugs, key chains, bumper stickers, posters, stuffed animals, and countless others. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Stinka Butt.
The Stinka Butt is Patent Pending and was invented by Daarina Vaughns and Victor Vaughns of Upland, CA who said, “Stinka Butt is a whimsical term for families of all cultures and facets of society.  No Momma, Daddy or grandparent has ever misunderstood the word Stinka Butt although the kids don’t really care. Stinka Butt is a recognized brand/logo that distinguishes one’s love for children. It works.”

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