"The Storage Chair": Comfortably Lulls Baby to Sleep on Long Drives

​Keeping a baby or toddler comfortable when travelling is a vitally important task that every parent quickly learns. This unusual new car seat fulfills a need that satisfies the child and makes travel simpler and easier. The Storage Chair is a remotely controlled, specially augmented, infant safety carrier/car seat with an assortment of features designed to comfort and relax baby while in a vehicle. It provides safe-for-baby heating and cooling options, gentle soothing vibration, and soft classical music and lullabies. The design intent is to provide an all-encompassing car seat that eases the stress of driving with a fussy baby by comforting the child and alleviating the child's restlessness.

The Storage Chair is manufactured as a cradle-style carrier seat and designed to be used by newborns and infants up to twenty-two pounds in weight. It I gently contoured to accommodate the shape of the car seat and the unit features a gel-based heating and cooling pad, operated via an independent remote control unit able to envelop the baby in cozy warmth during cold weather, and to provide coolness to infant when it is hot. It is controlled by the remote, a compact motor would be installed within The Storage Chair and functions to gently vibrate the seat and emit a calming lullaby through speakers. Combined with the vibration and temperature control features, parents and caregivers will have a veritable arsenal of “tricks” at their disposal to ensure a content baby during a drive. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Storage Chair.

The Patent Pending Storage Chair was invented by Henry Alexander of Philadelphia, PA who said, “Restless babies in a traditional car seat will be a thing of the past when using The Storage Chair. One only need to select and press a button and it effectively relieves the stress of a crying baby. It works perfectly.”

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