"The Stroller Carousel": Rainbow Telescopic Canopy Folds Like a Book to Be Stored in Tote Bag

The Stroller Carousel is a specially designed, easily applied and removed, protective weatherproof canopy system configured expressly for use with portable infant strollers. Height adjustable, and easily compacted to fit into the companion hanging storage bag, the design intent is to provide an easily erected covering that protects the child seated within the stroller from overexposure to harsh elements such as wind, rain and snow, as well as the harmful rays of the sun while allowing the free flow of air from all sides.

The Stroller Carousel is expressly for use with on-the-go collapsible strollers but can also be utilized with other streamline stroller designs including jogging strollers. It is designed to be mounted to the base of the stroller directly above the stroller wheels and when activated pops over the top of the stroller creating a protective awning. The Stroller Carousel has two main components: the protective awning and a portable, collapsible framework on which the awning is mounted. The awning itself is a durable, weather-resistant vinyl or canvas. This canopy comes in a range of vibrant colors and charming printed designs and adorned with a decorative fringe which runs the perimeter of the unit. The Stroller Carousel framework is lightweight, yet heavy duty plastic, metal or comparable tubing featuring pivoting joints that fold inwards and collapse when the unit is compacted. The canopy is designed to fold in half like a book when not in use.  A carryall bag to store the collapsible Stroller Carousel is included. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Stroller Carousel. 
The Stroller Carousel is Patent Pending and was invented by Wilma Bacchus of Perris, CA who said, “This protects the stroller occupant from the elements during inclement weather and dangerous ultra violet rays during bright sunny days. It is a snap to install or to remove when not in use and looks good too.”

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Source: Invents Company


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