"The Stroller Sandport": Transports Needed Items to and From the Beach Gliding With Ease

If you are tired after hauling baby, stroller, cooler and chairs to the beach then it is time to try the transporting glide of this new unit. The Stroller Sandport is a lightweight, contoured platform featuring a specially coated, flat, sliding hull with raised sidewalls, and is similar in appearance to a small boat. Boasting an integrated handle, universal stroller straps, and retractable wheels for traversing hard surfaces, the design intent is to provide beach goers with a simple and reliable way in which to easily glide and transport a child's stroller, as well as other beach gear and accessories, across the sand when enjoying a beach outing.

The Stroller Sandport is manufactured of heavy duty but lightweight plastic material coated in a carbon fiber epoxy and it glides across sand making the task of transporting heavy gear such as infant strollers and other accessories across beaches easily. The size of the Stroller Sandport will accommodate a standard stroller as well as beach gear---coolers, chairs, beach bags, and the like. It has an elongated platform with raised side walls that run the perimeter of the unit and resembles a flat bottom boat. The oblong shape tapers to a point at the front end. The rear wall opens downward to facilitate loading and unloading of items. Straps are fastened in a multi-directional manner to accommodate all stroller bases. To transport the Stroller Sandport has an integrated tow rope and handle secured to the front. The Stroller Sandport includes retractable or pivoting wheels for the hull of the unit which are lowered and locked into place to wheel over hard surfaces. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Stroller Sandport. 
The Stroller Sandport is Patent Pending and was invented by Lorraine Borgese of Runnemede, NJ who said, “This is a practical alternative to pushing or pulling a wheeled stroller across sand and it handles the other items too. It works perfectly and hauls all your needs to and from the beach.”

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