"The Sun Shield by Contra": Protects the GPS From the Sun Keeping Screen Viewable to Driver

​Anyone who relies upon a dashboard or windshield mounted device in a vehicle or boat will appreciate The Sun Shield by Contra. It is a hood like visor, or a device to provide shade to your dashboard, specifically your windshield mounted GPS system, smartphone, or tablet, as well as laptops in police vehicles, and boat console mounted fish finders. By shading the screens of these devices around the top and sides, you would not only make the screen easier to view and read regardless of the sun's orientation, but would also protect the devices from damage due to UV rays.

The Sun Shield by Contra will be made from a lightweight, highly durable, UV and temperature resistant molded thermoplastic polymer. It will clip over the sides and top border of the GPS unit, smartphone, or other device, and extend outward along the sides and top of the unit in the manner of a sun blocking awning or hood, permitting the user to view the entire screen yet enveloping the screen in shade. The Sun Shield by Contra can be produced in a variety of models for various makes and models of GPS units, smartphones, tablets, etc., or it can be produced in an adjustable, universal model. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Sun Shield by Contra.
ThePatent Pending Sun Shield by Contra was invented by Paul Conteras of Rancho Cucamonga, CA who said, “Being a truck driver, and driving all over the US, I always had the sun beating down on my GPS system. I needed something to cover it so it would be easier to see in the bright sunlight.”

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