" the Surrogate Mother": Feeds Orphaned and Abandoned Animals

​Breeders of animals, both large and small will benefit from having a means to be certain the babies are getting the needed nutrition to develop and grow. The Breeder’s Feeder Surrogate Mother is a specially designed nursing mechanism configured specifically for use in feeding or supplementing any suckling mammal, including baby domestics, livestock, and bred or rescued baby animals. The design intent is to provide pet owners, farmers, veterinarians and similar animal care providers with a simple means of nursing multiple baby kittens, puppies, livestock and other abandoned animals simultaneously.

The product is a soft, yet firm and durable rubber material featuring plastic components. Cylindrically shaped it is approximately 16” L x 8” W x 8” D. It is a unique feeding mechanism has an expandable circumference. The Breeder’s Feeder Surrogate Mother is cast molded and mimics exactly the shape of the torso and teats of a lactating animal. It is offered in a variety of animal configurations including canine, feline, rabbits, squirrels, livestock and more. The specially engineered internal baffle system is designed so each row is connected to its own feeding compartment within. There are approximately fifteen teats allowing for multiple suckling babies. The milk is kept warm via a Velcro-sealed pouch that holds a rechargeable heating pad which also aids in keeping the surface warm. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Breeder’s Feeder Surrogate Mother.

The Patent Pending Breeder’s Feeder Surrogate Mother was invented by Joseph Evans of Clifton, CO who said, “Having a litter of puppies or kitten to feed is a big a job, made more difficult if the mother is ill or unable to nurse. The same is true with other animals including livestock. Animal sanctuaries, zoos, shelters and pet adoption agencies will find the Breeder’s Feeder Surrogate Mother is the perfect tool for suckling youngsters.”

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