"The Swivel Flow Seat: Rotating Seat Allows User to Turn in Comfort With Ease

​Imagine the benefit of being able to turn from side to side without having to move off the toilet seat while using the bathroom facilities. This new toilet seat performs admirably and does just that. The Swivel Flow Seat is a modified toilet seat that is specially designed to freely swivel in both left and right directions, a full 360 degrees. The design intent is to provide consumers, particularly those who may have physical limitations, with a bathroom accessory that increases comfort and facilitates freedom of movement while utilizing the facilities. The Swivel Flow Seat comes in all shapes and existing sizes and in a variety of colors and designs.

The Swivel Flow Seat resembles a standard toilet seat and is produced in a variety of similar materials. Additionally, the unit is available in all shapes and existing sizes, as well as in a variety of colors and designs, to accommodate both rounded and oval, elongated toilet bowls, as well as match existing bathroom décor. Unique to this seat and what sets it apart from other toilet seats is its rotation assembly. The underside of the seat boasts a three-tiered configuration: a unit stabilizer (base plate), core circle (circular bearing) and master ring. In addition to securing and stabilizing the seat onto any standard mount, these components feature an integrated pivoting axle or circular bearing, which provides swiveling capability. Thus, the Swivel Flow Seat construction allows complete, unimpeded movement from left to right and back again—essentially 360º of rotation. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Swivel Flow Seat.
The Patent Pending Swivel Flow Seat was invented by Roi Greene of Philadelphia, PA who said, “Users will not feel awkward when using the Swivel Flow Toilet Seat. It allows a user to multi-task while sitting on the toilet, painting nails, using the phone or even having a cigarette. Individuals with limited mobility will appreciate the benefits because it works perfectly.”

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