"The Table Saw Left Side Extension": A Quickly Extending Support Area For The Table Saw

"The Table Saw Left Side Extension" quickly creates a temporary surface area to the left side of a table saw.

Proper tools and the proper use of tools will always be the lifeblood of professional contractors, subcontractors, carpenters and amateur Do-It-Yourselfers. A true helper is The Table Saw Left Side Extension which is an accessory that will benefit anyone using a table saw because it provides a quickly extending support area on the left side of the table saw. Most table saw users accomplish this with a space consuming table or temporary structure which requires time to set up and break down. The time it takes to extend the left side extension is just like that of opening a drawer and, like a drawer when not extended takes no additional shop floor space.

The components of the Table Saw Left Side Extension are comprised of a series of steel tubing that, when assembled, creates a large area of support — included are: a clamp tube and clamp tube extension, a support arm and a support arm extension, a leg and leg height adjuster—an assembly to facilitate adjustment to different table saw height variations. The support arm extension extends to the back or front to support material when the unit is in use. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Table Saw Left Side Extension.

The Patent Pending Table Saw Left Side Extension was invented by Ken Andrews of Upland, CA. He said, “I have been a cabinet maker for over forty years. During that time, I have put together many temporary devices to support a sheet of plywood to the left side of the table saw. This led to the development of this accessory. I have been using my prototype for several years and I continually find new ways in which it helps me process materials using the extension on the table saw. I suspect that many users will wonder why they never thought of this before, because once you have utilized the Table Saw Left Side Extension he or she will never want to be without it again. It offers an instant means of left side support area for table saws, with minimal effort and at very little cost. It works perfectly.”

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