"The Taco Holder": Makes for Easy Eating of Taco or Sandwich and Easy Clean Up Too

The online Merriam-Webster dictionary describes the word upright as being perpendicular or vertical and that is precisely what this new container supplies to the contents. The Taco Holder is a disposable Styrofoam® plate or dish designed to hold upright a soft or hard taco, as well as foods in long buns such as hot dogs, brats, and sausage. Featuring two “U” shaped cutouts or indents across from one another to hold the ends of the wrap or bun, the Taco Holder can be used for preparing and filling the taco, tortilla, or bun, as well as for holding it together neatly when put down between bites.

The Taco Holder is a high-sided Styrofoam® plate, dish, or bowl, 15 centimeters in diameter and 5 centimeters in height, in which a pair of “V” or “U” -shaped notches are cut into the opposing sides of the plate, bowl, or dish. These notches are flat on the bottom, and taper outward toward the top. The notches serve as support to hold the ends of a taco or a hot-dog bun upright on the plate – and not only will the Taco Holder hold the finished taco or hot-dog upright (rather than on its side) on the plate for consumption, it will also assist in the preparation. Mexican restaurants use stainless steel taco holders when preparing either hard or soft tacos but the diner has had to struggle to keep the taco upright and together at the table. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Taco Holder.
The Patent Pending Taco HolderolderH was invented by Dina Bulik of Levittown, PA who said, “The Taco Holder holds upright any sandwich with multiple contents such as the frankfurter covered with various condiments or even a cheesesteak sandwich smothered in mushrooms, peppers and onions. It not only keeps the table clean while eating but, since it is disposable, makes for an easy clean-up too. It works.”

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