"The Talkin' Cane": For Blind or Visually Impaired Individuals

Navigation is vital to everyone’s well-being but never more important than to the visually impaired. The Talkin' Cane is a height adjustable “white cane” configured expressly for use by those who suffer blindness or low vision to safely navigate from “Point A” to “Point B” in a simple and expeditious fashion. The device is wirelessly connected to a companion ear set which links to micro technology hardware located in the protective compartment and housed in the top-grade aluminum shaft boasting a sensor-operated apparatus. This vocalizes descriptions of the surrounding areas, recognizes, and alerts users to obstacles in their path. The Talkin’ Cane features reflector lights and comfortable, soft-grip, interchangeable handles. The design intent is to provide seeing impaired consumers with a simplified and safer means of navigation.

Individuals with varying degrees of blindness employ a white cane as a means of alerting others to their impairment, as well as monitoring ground conditions. Similar in appearance to a traditional white cane used by the seeing impaired, The Talkin' Cane is similar in appearance to the typical white cane. It has two sections allowing for quick adjustment for customizing the cane to the most comfortable height and is made of top grade aluminum material designed for eco-friendly compatibility and protective housing, facilitating use during any kind of weather without compromising the patent pending, engineered electronic components, software and delicate micro technology hardware located in the upper shaft of the cane. The cane has a choice of “Standard Straight” or “Custom Curved,” both with a soft plastic wrist strap to facilitate a firm and comfortable hold. The Talkin' Cane shaft is light-weight for easy handling and maneuvering and boasts an integrated slim line speaker unit, out of which emits the audio capabilities of the device. The outer shaft design houses the reflective product logo and light reflectors placed along the cane joined by the easily applied “Oval Red Plastic Tip,” located at the distal end of the cane. This provides smooth surface maneuvering with all features serving to alert motorists and other pedestrians to the user’s presence as well as visual impairment. Other features include; Companion Wireless Bluetooth® — supportive technology enabled ear set, labeled in Braille, verbally relaying programmed mapping and desired field navigation data, privately communicating and receiving commands discretely with the user; Companion Shaded Eye Wear® — with technology designed to link “GO” navigation data to user. Also paired with the cane to detect and relay distance and multiple moving objects to the user and Contingency Wired Earphone — to support failed ‘Bluetooth’ audio feed. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Talkin’ Cane. 
The Talkin’ Cane is Patent Pending and was invented by Ms. Melba Terrell and Sister Aisamah Muhammed-Muneer of Philadelphia, PA who said, “The Talkin’ Cane is an important aid for those who are blind or impaired visually. It offers an extra measure of independence and self-sufficiency whether outdoors or in one’s own home. It works.”

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