"The Tall Microwave Food Cover": Heats Microwave Food Evenly Without Crushing It

​Microwaving is a very convenient means of heating or reheating your food. It is very fast, however sometimes not very dependable when heating food thoroughly. The Tall Microwave Food Cover is a protective covering designed to use on foods heated or cooked in microwave ovens. It is designed to increase the flow of heat through foods as they are cooked, eliminating the need for lengthy or repeated reheating of foods. It will be covered with holes to improve the heat circulation and heat the food evenly while inside the microwave. The Tall Microwave Food Cover is taller than traditional covers, ensuring that food will not be crushed during the heating process. It will be offered in a variety of colors as well as clear hues. 

The Tall Microwave Food Cover will provide a sensible way to prepare food in a microwave by providing a tall, dome like covering to accommodate large dishes and oversized containers. The holes in the container will allow heat to circulate freely within the container, expediting the cooking or heating process. This will eliminate the need to continuously reheat foods. The Tall Microwave Food Cover will offer a simple and effective means of maintaining a clean microwave by handily capturing spills and splatters. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Tall Microwave Food Cover.

The Patent Pending Tall Microwave Food Cover was invented by Olabode Samuel of Katy, TX who said, “We have all heated food in the microwave and had it come out unevenly heated, or even crushed by any of the microwave food covers in the market today. The Tall Microwave Food Cover will eliminate both of these problems. It will be a welcome addition to any kitchen.”

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