"The Tap N Bat": Hand/eye Coordination Aid Prepares Users for Success

The Tap N Bat is a specially designed portable training aid to develop hand-eye coordination by providing the ability to strike a moving object – and provide a head-start on batting skills – in children who will be playing softball and baseball. The Tap N Bat would also promote the hand-eye coordination necessary for success in tennis, lacrosse, and other ball sports; and serve as an effective therapeutic device for those recovering from injuries or strokes.

A stake-ended sleeve/ground spike in PVC, metal tubing, or other heavy-duty material is thrust into the ground to provide an anchor. A vertical shaft, in ¾-inch tubing (either PVC or metal), slides into the staked sleeve and secured with a pin to prevent the shaft's rotation. This shaft is a total of 8’H and consists of two 4’ sections that join at a ferrule. The top of the shaft is finished with a 90º elbow and a horizontal tube ¾”D x 29”L extending to form an arm which is fitted with an eye-bolt. Suspended from the eye-bolt is a braided nylon cord or “leader.” The end of this cord ties to one of three included, plastic balls, two of which have an eye-ring in the top. One ball is baseball-sized, one softball-sized; and the third ball (no eyelet) is a softball for actual pitching and hitting. The Tap N Bat system also includes a plastic bat. The batter then begins to tap the ball with the bat, the ball moving back and forth, and the batter developing hand-eye coordination. When the batter can tap the ball 50 to 100 times without missing, he or she may proceed to the same drill with the smaller ball. When the small ball is successfully tapped 50 or 100 times without a miss, the batter is ready for their first pitch with the softball. As with any training regimen, the more time spent with the Tap N Bat, the greater (and faster) the hand-eye development. TV marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Tap N Bat.
The Patent Pending Tap N Bat was invented by Thomas Love and Maria Love of Wallingford, PA who said, “We watched our sons improve their hand/eye coordination while using the prototype. It helped prepare them to play better and can be used just about anywhere. Whether one is a youngster preparing for Little League or older and working to recover hand and eye coordination following a stroke, Tap N Bat does the job. It works.”

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