"The Tarsier": A Silent-Alarm Radio Transmitter and Receiver System

Invents introduces "The Tarsier" which will revolutionize how all drivers share the streets and highways today.

According to the Internet injuries to motorcyclists are out of proportion to their presence on the roads. They are just 1% of total road traffic but account for 19% of all road user deaths. Motorcyclists are far more likely to be killed in an accident than car occupants for miles traveled; 30 cyclists are killed or injured every day. No matter how observant a driver of either the cycle or the vehicle can be, it is vital to know and anticipate the actions of others. The Tarsier is a silent-alarm radio transmitter and receiver system. The design intent is to alert motorists to the proximity of a motorcycle and raise their level of caution and awareness in order to avoid driving in such a way that they could cause an accident, harming the motorcyclist. 

The Tarsier is the perfect for motorists in order to alert them of the proximity of a motorcycle in relation to their vehicle. Vehicles equipped with the receiver will receive a signal that will trigger the device and notify the driver of the need for paying close attention to his/her surroundings. The title of this device was inspired by a huge-eyed, hypervigilant nocturnal prosimian (a group of primates including Emurs, Bush-babies, Tarsiers and more) and the audiovisual alarm activates with the car, van, SUV or truck. Radio signals are sent within a short radius and picked up by a cyclist's signal.Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Tarsier.

 The Patent Pending Tarsier was invented by Adrian Estrada of Alhambra, CA who said, “This is an affordable device that easily will alert those on the highway of the location/proximity of a motorcycle to a vehicle. It requires virtually no effort from either driver and will impact safe driving on the roads. The driver warning devices along with the rear view mirror indicators, the seat vibration and the electronic signaling keeps potential accidents at a minimum if any at all.”

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