"The Tasket ": Prevents Small Items From Slipping Through the Cracks of a Shopping Cart

​Many shoppers enjoy wandering through the aisles of a favored store and have lost some selections that were vulnerable because of their size and fell which through the cracks, totally unnoticed. The Tasket is a detachable (or permanently mounted) metal and resin coated basket that is to be used to hold small products.  Tasket can be distributed at retail and supply stores for in-store use, purchased by the consumer to take along to a favorite store, or permanently mounted making Tasket an integral part of the shopping cart.

 This small and unique basket is named Tasket. It can be removable or permanently attached and mounted to the inside of shopping carts below and behind the child seat. It is made of aluminum and polyester resin and is rectangular with an open top.  Patrons can also purchase it separate to take along to a store. It holds those small items which usually slip through the cart and onto the floor.  It features a smaller grid pattern and generally has dimensions of 6” W x 8” L x 4” D.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Tasket.
The Patent Pending Tasket was invented by Diann Andre of Silver Lake, WI who said, “How many times I have gone to the market and chose small items that were missing by the time I got to check-out. The Tasket is made specifically for small items from the cosmetic department and smaller other items such as craft items, lighters, small nuts, bolts and tools, keys, jewelry and more. No longer need one hold a certain product in his or her hands while completing shopping. And, as a mother who must take children when shopping, it is much simpler to be able to place candy, pacifier or other items in a “hidden” place so the child won’t see it and toss it out of the cart when I am not watching. The Tasket aids both the shopper and the retailer. It works.”

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