"The Thompson Meter": Easily Provides Accurate Measurements in Unwieldy Locations

Accuracy is the name of the game in construction and buildings. Inventive technology has brought about a more user-friendly and time saving tool to use in measuring awkward horizontal and vertical positions. The Thompson Meter is a specially designed, multifunctional, and technologically advanced measuring tool for use in determining squareness for virtually any job involving footers, obstacles, and the like. Featuring an LCD screen, touch button controls, and indicator lights, the design intent is to provide a more efficient accessory for ensuring accurate measurements without the need for using cumbersome rulers and tape measures.

The rectangular, handheld Thompson Meter operates on a rechargeable battery source. A high-definition, (LCD) touchscreen dominates the front panel; this screen displays the program's squares while allowing for user interface. Operational buttons and indicators surrounding the screen include color and brightness, red and green light indicators, North/South/East/West wall control buttons, a lock button, a numeric keypad for feet control, a 1-inch scale, and button calibration. The Thompson Meter is designed to calculate every line within 1/16 of an inch, both horizontally and vertically. When powered on, the screen displays five moveable squares. Each square can be doubled from the inside, representing the footing for a building. With the existing measurements in hand, the user is ready to employ the Thompson Meter to determine which wall must move in which direction and by how much. For instance, if the right east wall is out ¾” when the NSWE measurements are combined, the red light on the device would blink out squareness. Pressing the control button, the user is able to immediately see that the east wall needs to be moved ¾” toward the west wall. Using standard tape measures or rulers, this would have taken an exorbitant amount of time as well as manpower. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Thompson Meter.
The Thompson Meter is Patent Pending and was invented by Matthew Thompson and Walter Perry, Jr. of Red Bank, NJ who said, “This device is compact, accurate and a tremendous labor saver. It saves time which is vital in any industry needing measurements and dimensions to complete their work. It is not affected by footers, terrain covered with building obstacles, mounds of dirt, fallen trees and more. It eliminates the need to contort the body for extended periods of time checking measurements. It can be accessed in a matter of seconds and can be kept in a pocket or tool bag readily available when needed.  It works.”

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