"The Tomzan Armored Chair": Ensures Security by Defending Users in Event of a Firearm Attack

The Tomzan Armored Chair is a detachable chair-back apparatus comprised of bulletproof material. Also featuring a rotating base upon which to attach the chair back, the design intent is to provide both children and adults with optimal protection against attack by gunfire, whether seated in the chair, crouched down for protection, or by detaching the chair-back to use as, and wear as, a shield against gunfire, or for charging at the gunman to stop him—even more needed in the wake of the recent mass shooting tragedies in America.

The Tomzan Armored Chair is sized appropriately for use by children and/or adults. The Tomzan Armored Chair can be held comfortably over the back or front as a shield by way of reinforced, adjustable straps, appropriately positioned on the sides of the pack. Two sets of horizontal straps are positioned below to allow a user to hold the Chair in front of him or her. Panels of Kevlar material are inserted into the rear and sides and to the front section chair-back. Kevlar is the most common element used by law enforcement and military personnel to protect from gun projectiles, shrapnel and/or knife attacks. The top and bottom of the unit offer an extended section of bulletproof glass to shield the head and body when the Chair is in use. The chair back features a rough surface to create a painful impact on the gunman in the event of a charge. The protective chair back rotates offering protection from various angles. When confronted with danger a user can either remain in the seat while rotating to the safest position—lean the adjustable chair back over them—crouch over for protection—or detach the chair back and wear it as a shield on their back when escaping or on their front, if charging towards the gunman to stop others from getting injured or killed. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Tomzan Armored Chair.

The Tomzan Armored Chair is Utility Patent Pending and was invented by Thomas Igbinevbo (Tomzan) a teacher, inventor, author and CEO of Tomzan Publishing Corporation, Bronx, NY, who said, “By having access to this protective safety tool, users can go to school, church, work, restaurants or theaters without worrying about losing their lives while trying to achieve an education, serve their God, earn a living, have a nice dinner out, or see a movie. With the Tomzan Armored Chair in classrooms, offices, restaurants and more, horrific tragedies such as Columbine, Sandy Hook, Charleston, and Orlando, among too many others, could possibly be prevented or stopped. It works.”

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