"The Tool Concept V1": A Unique and Easily Stored Modular Tool Set

Invents introduces "The Tool Concept V1" which is a modular tool set for all type users—mechanics, tradesmen, homeowners, DIYers and more.

Finally there is a new type of tool that means one doesn't need a huge garage or workshop in order to store them in working order. The Tool Concept V1 is a full set of premium quality and sturdily built hand tools such as hammers and sledges, wrenches, and more which—through a design featuring interchangeable heads and a telescoping universal handle system will constitute a unique and easily stored modular tool set.

Each of the tools in the V1 feature a forged, tool-grade chrome-vanadium steel head and each of these tool heads is equipment with a locking, quick-release, pin-and-hole style mounting socket, also fabricated in tool grade steel. The top of the universal handle locks into the tool-head socket by means of a spring-loaded collar on the handle and a spring-loaded pin on the tool-head. This connection provides a secure and stable mount and a quick-release capacity. The Tool Concept V1 is envisioned as including a small and a large sledge hammer head, a set of five hammers in various styles and sizes (appropriate for automotive body work) and one or more mallet heads. A variety of tool heads will encompass various other occupations or job duties in similar projections. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in Tool Concept V1.

The Patent Pending Tool Concept V1 was invented by Bruce Parker, an auto-body technician/painter, of Lockport, IL who said, “The benefits of the Tool Concept V1 are many and in the “bag”. They do not take up room for each individually purchased tool (and handle) in a garage, tool shed, utility room or closet. In terms of storage they are perfect, in terms of use, they are perfect. Tool Concept V1 is the answer to whatever tool one needs. My prototype works perfectly.”

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