"The Toothbrush Buddy": A Safe, Sanitary Way of Keeping Toothbrushes Free From Germs

Everyone wants to be sure their toothbrush is clean and free from germs and particles that might fall onto it while in the holder. The Toothbrush Buddy is a line of toothbrush receptacles that are designed for holding a sanitizing solution, such as mouthwash, to submerge the brush head into between uses. This will prevent the transfer of germs and bacteria onto the bristles of the toothbrush. The Toothbrush Buddy will be made of durable, plastic material and square or cube like in shape. There will be a spring-loaded, hinge-mounted, watertight lid to allow for easy opening. For storage, the bottom of the Toothbrush Buddy will have a suction cup that will adhere to bathroom surfaces such as a counter or vanity.

The Toothbrush Buddy will eliminate the need to place toothbrushes on a bathroom counter or any container that is potentially exposed to germs. The mouthwash solution will immerse the brush head in a protective liquid between uses and the mist between toilet bowl flushes. This will allow for a fresh toothbrush for each use reducing the prevalence of colds, infections, and other bathroom germs. The mouthwash solution can be refreshed as needed. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Toothbrush Buddy.

The Patent Pending Toothbrush Buddy was invented by Alban Ameti of Lincoln Park, NJ who said, "This product will reduce the spread of germs and bacteria that thrive around and on a toothbrush. It can also be packed easily into a shaving kit or travel bag."

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