"The Top Grilling Gas Grill": Broiler and Grill All-in-One Provides Evenly Distributed Heat

Foods cooked properly on a grill are always a favorite of diners. This new appliance is a dramatic advance in outdoor cooking: the Top Grilling Gas Grill, a propane-fueled outdoor barbecue grill that features gas burners and a grill surface not only below the grill, but also above it. It is designed to enable backyard chefs and other grill-masters to grill meats simultaneously from above and below — rather than having to turn them over — the Top Grilling Gas Grill reduces cooking times for all cuts of meat, especially thick cuts, thus offering grill-masters everywhere a truly versatile cooking appliance.

The Top Grilling Gas Grill is a high-quality, rolling gas grill using bottled propane with two gas burners in the bottom section. The gas is controlled by two dials on the front console of the unit. In addition to these burners, the Top Grilling Gas Grill has two more burners situated in the underside of the lid. These burners are also covered by a grill grate and supplied with propane either through a dedicated, specially designed hose that separates into two branches after leaving the regulator, or through high-pressure piping either cast into or fastened to the body of the grill (this piping supplied with propane by the standard hose).

The top burners, like the bottom burners, are controlled by two control dials on the console of the grill; and the top burners would also have their own pushbutton electronic ignition system. A safety mechanism would prevent the top burners from being lit unless the lid of the grill has been opened first. Once the lid has been opened, the top burners may be lit with the push of a button; and once they are lit, the lid may again be lowered for cooking. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Top Grilling Gas Grill.
The Top Grilling Gas Grill is Patent Pending and was invented by Ricardo Crump of Los Angeles, Calif., who said, “I am a true backyard chef and this appliance is the answer for all users. The meats cook evenly and on both sides at once. It is perfect for thicker cuts, which take longer to grill, and it is convenient, efficient and far exceeds cooking on traditional bottom burner grills. It works.”

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