"The Toss It T-Shirt": A Disposable T-Shirt to Toss Into the Trash and Replace With Ease

​There are times when you would just rather throw a shirt out than wash it, maybe it has become so soiled that it just isn't worth washing. The Toss It T-Shirt is a line of absorbent, bib-like, disposable t-shirts and onesies for infants, and special needs adults and children. They feature an absorbent outer layer made of the same material found in disposable diapers. It is designed to provide a t-shirt like upper body covering that absorbs messes such as drool and spit up much like a bib. When necessary you can just toss it in the trash and replace it. The Toss It T-Shirt will be made of soft cotton with sleeves on the sides, and the torso area having 2 layers of absorbent cotton separated by a soft, flexible plastic mesh.

The Toss It T-Shirt can be worn just like any other t-shirt or onesie. It will offer full coverage, catching all the drool or spit up. When needed, the parent or caregiver can simply remove the Toss It T-Shirt, and throw it away and replace it with a fresh, clean one. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Toss It T-Shirt.
The Patent Pending Toss It T-Shirt was invented by Barbara Emanuel-Seifert of Naperville, Il who said, “This shirt will ensure that the individual using the shirt stays dry and comfortable throughout the course of a busy day or in the evening. It will also be invaluable for traveling, or on the go. It works as it was designed.”

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