"The Towel Hanger Pro": Ensures Totally Dry Bath Towels Following Shower or Bath

No one wants to grab their towel to dry off after a shower and find a distasteful odor or mildew on it.  Usually that happens because the towel has not been allowed to dry completely. The drying process is assured when using the new Towel Hanger Pro.  The Towel Hanger Pro is an adjustable-in-length, clip-style suspension system, designed to hang fully extended wet towels rather than having to be folded over a standard towel rack. The Towel Hanger Pro allows for optimal air-flow around the entire towel. The design intent is to provide a faster, more effective means of air drying towels and one which helps prevent odor and mildew from occurring. Additionally, hooks atop the clip hangers will serve to hang hats, belts, and other items.

The rectangular, telescopic Towel Hanger Pro is made of durable plastic and aluminum-based materials. Three clips are evenly spaced along the rod but may also be repositioned if needed. Offered with a heavy duty, strong galvanized spring to facilitate opening and closing of the unit, each pinch-style clip comes with ergonomic press points, as well as rubberized, grooved grippers which sheathe the inset to provide a sure hold. The top of each clip is augmented with a built-in hook for hanging shirts, hats, belts, or bath scrubbers—among other items. The Towel Hanger Pro is available in a model easily mounted to a wall with provided hardware or with over-the-door brackets for quick installation. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Towel Hanger Pro.
The Patent Pending Towel Hanger Pro was invented by Charly Rodriguez of Buena Park, CA who said, “An improperly dried towel leaves a musty and sour odor on the user and sends him or her back to the shower. That nasty situation can be easily avoided using the Towel Hanger Pro. No need to fold a damp towel and place it over a towel bar when it can be hung for complete air drying. The Towel Hanger Pro works perfectly.”

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