"The Travel Bowl": Provides Clean Food and Drink for Dog When Away or at Home

Attention dog lovers and dog owners! If you and your four-legged furry friend are often on the move or involved in outdoor activities this new product is perfect for you and Fido. The Travel Bowl is a specially designed portable pet dish configured with a suspension assembly that secures the bowl above ground and floor surfaces. It has swivel mounts and a splash guard lid through which the animal can drink or eat. The design intent is to provide pet owners with a simple and effective means of giving the pet water and food without splashy messes and without ground dirt or debris compromising the water or food.

The Travel Bowl is like the typical circular pet dish and made of similar materials. The outer wall of the bowl slopes downwards but the most notable aspect is found in the suspension capabilities. The base and top are surrounded by a secure assembly stemming from three swivel mounts hooking together on the travel mount hook or clip. The peel and stick clip steadfastly secures the adjustable rope. It comes in a range of sizes, variety of colors and designs and can be customized with the pet’s name. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Travel Bowl.
The Patent Pending Travel Bowl was invented by Mike Henry of Valparaiso, IN who said, “The Travel Bowl can be attached to the closest available surface such as a tailgate, tree, the dashboard of a car or RV and more. When you have an enthusiastic and thirsty animal using it in a vehicle, RV or at home, it eliminates spills and splashes on floors. Cleanup is never required. It works perfectly.”

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