"The Tugg Glove": Removes Dirty Rubber & Latex Gloves With a Simple Tug

​Clean hands are a vital part of many industries and that is true when working with food and beverages. Using disposable gloves become a daily routine but sometimes when removing the gloves, the hands and fingers become contaminated. That does not happen when using the new Tugg Glove. The Tugg Glove facilitates the removal of multi-use rubber gloves and disposable latex and latex-free work gloves by incorporating a handy tugg tab into the border of the glove on the inside of the wrist. This makes it easy to remove wet or soiled gloves without soiling the hands or wrist. 

This is a highly useful design improvement for one-use gloves. The Tugg Glove design offers a modification and profound improvement in occupational gloves used by health-care and food-service personnel.  The pull tab sticks out just slightly permitting the user to easily grab the pull-tab to remove the glove without soiling the pulling hand in the process. Personnel need these special gloves to protect from infections and bodily fluids; from hot water and caustic detergents and from grease and grime.  Tugg Glove is safer, cleaner and more effective in providing protection than that of similar gloves currently in the marketplace. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Tugg Glove.
The Patent Pending Tugg Glove was invented by John McKnight, a working chef living in Neptune, NJ who said, “All one needs to do is grab the tugg tab, pull down toward the finger tips and the dirty glove is cleanly and easily removed. The Tugg Glove works because it keeps the grease, grime, bacteria and other nasty stuff on the outside of the glove when removing it. Tugg Glove provides safe and clean hands.”

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