"The Ultimate Can Strainer": No Drips or Spills and No Cuts When Using This Kitchen Tool

Cleanup following cooking can be both time consuming and frustrating. This is particularly true when spilled liquids have dried onto the cabinets or the floors. Spills from canned food will be over when using this device. The Ultimate Can Strainer is a universal kitchen tool, specially designed to facilitate the draining process of any canned food stored in liquid, such as tuna, green beans, corn and more. It provides a simple quick and mess-free means of draining foods. The design intent is to prevent food, oil, or water from shooting out of the can. Consumers avoid any messy spills or stains on clothes or countertops saving valuable time on clean-up while eliminating food waste.

Primarily made of durable plastic materials, The Ultimate Can Strainer is a three-part unit approximately 2- to 3” in height. A vertically positioned handle offers opposing thumb niches for pressing downward on the device. The shaft of this handle contains an internal spring which is connected to the can strainer's base. Circular in shape and universally sized to fit over the opening of any can, the plastic housing features a horizontal cutout that is comprised of a plastic mesh material. Spring-loaded, this section serves as the system's draining apparatus. In addition, the proximal handles of The Ultimate Can Strainer are sheathed with a rubberized covering to insure a firm grip while the product is in use. This rubberized covering serves as a seal and is secured around the shaft of the handle, laying over and around the mesh base and resting over the lip of the can. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Ultimate Can Strainer. 
The Ultimate Can Strainer is Patent Pending and was invented by Joseph Paolucci of Middletown, NY who said, “This strainer keeps the food inside and drains the oil, water or syrup without any waste of food or squirting out of the sides. The thumb press helps to drain the can allowing for the liquid removal without any spillage or drips and, better yet, no nasty cuts.  It works perfectly.”

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