"The Ultimate Disciple": A Specially Designed Video Game Based on Biblical Themes

"The Ultimate Disciple" is a challenging electronic game that provides religious instruction.

​Traditional video games are rife with guns, killing or unrealistic fantasy sequences. Would you like to have a more user friendly and non-violent alternative? The Ultimate Disciple is a specially designed video game based on biblical themes and teachings from the Old Testament and New Testament.  

A fundamental component of the game’s design is to impart that through the teachings of the Holy Scripture, you can learn how to overcome the obstacles encountered in life, while also learning to lead a life based on holy principles and a biblical foundation. The Ultimate Disciple can be offered as an interactive CD-ROM or game cartridge compatible with gaming systems such as PlayStation 3® and Xbox®, and Nintendo Wii®.  Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Ultimate Disciple.

The Patent Pending The Ultimate Disciple was invented by Alicia Gordon of Baltimore, MD, who said, “In The Ultimate Disciple, a player is directed to overcome a series of obstacles and challenges, collecting specific objects and artifacts in order to win the game and be declared, “The Ultimate Disciple.” The character of The Ultimate Disciple is in the form of a dynamic warrior from biblical times, dressed as a hunter and sporting a sphere, sword, and backpack inside of which collected game prizes are placed.”

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