"The Ultimate Multi-Tool": Lightweight, Compact, Customizable, Carry in Pocket or Handbag

If you have wished for a tool containing your need and will fit in your pocket then this is the answer. The Ultimate Multi-Tool is a customizable and portable tool that allows users to attach and remove multiple tools as it best suits their lifestyle or job, or as they are needed. The design intent is to provide both do-it-yourselfers and professionals, as well as restaurant workers, and more, with all essential tools, pertinent to them or their work, in one convenient product.

Along the top and bottom edges of the rectangular housing sized to fit into a pocket, shafts enable the user to attach or remove any one of the various compact tools that fold outward when needed and otherwise are safely compacted between uses. The possible tools include: wire cutters, pliers, screwdriver heads (both Phillips and flat head), a wrench, a knife, wire strippers, an ink pen, bottle opener, corkscrew, and scissors, just to name a few of the many interchangeable heads of the Ultimate Multi-Tool. The device is customizable and, as such, the user attaches just the tools he or she needs before embarking on a task. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Ultimate Multi-Tool.
The Patent Pending Ultimate Multi-Tool was invented by Adner Saint Hilaire of Stony Point, NY who said, “This is a perfect tool for all users. Various service personnel and maintenance technicians will benefit from not having to carry a heavy tool box from job to job when only everyday tools are needed. The Ultimate Multi-Tool morphs into whatever tool is needed on a project. Better yet, even your keys can be attached to it.  It is always handy and it works.”
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