"The Ultimate Personal Item Locator": A Specially Designed Switch Activated Receiving and Transmitting System

Invents unveils "The Ultimate Personal Item Locator" which only needs to be activated to "page" and find the missing object.

Lost and Found Departments are in every section of government and industry. Hotels, motels, schools, malls, theaters, and more, including office buildings as well as in various law enforcement and other types of municipal, state and federal buildings. However, if this new product is in use, those departments will wither away leaving them totally unnecessary. The Ultimate Personal Item Locator is a specially designed switch activated receiving and transmitting system, part of which will either be attached to existing products or seamlessly integrated at the point of manufacture, that will audibly and visibly identify the location of practically any misplaced object, living or non living. The design intent is to help consumers quickly and easily locate personal items that are oftentimes misplaced or lost — all by simply pressing the button.

The Ultimate Personal Item Locator electronic unit allows the user to quickly and easily find a misplaced or missing item such as a remote or a cellphone. The device is small yet powerful and quickly recognizes and locates the missing item. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Ultimate Personal Item Locator,

The Patent Pending Ultimate Personal Item Locator was invented by Robert Kennedy of Hesperia, CA who said, “It is no longer impossible to page a missing phone or other item. The Ultimate Personal Item Locator effectively assists in locating misplaced objects eliminating the need to dig through handbags, briefcases, backpacks or chair cushions. It works.”

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