"The Ultimate Survival Rod": Provides Consumers With Anything They May Need Should Become Lost or Injured in a Remote Location

Invents unveils "The Ultimate Survival Rod" which keeps user prepared for possible outdoor emergencies.

​Emergencies happen almost daily and usually when one is not prepared for them…and that is often what makes a situation become an emergency. Murphy’s Law (anything that can go wrong does) seems to be a constant in this type of happenstance.  However, if one is in possession of the new Ultimate Survival Rod, the emergency may not become a tragic event.  The Ultimate Survival Rod is a portable walking stick configured to house a wide variety of items that can be used in the event of an emergency. The design intent of this tool is to provide consumers, particularly outdoor enthusiasts, with anything they may need should become lost or injured in a remote location.

The Ultimate Survival Rod provides consumers, particularly outdoor enthusiasts, with anything they may need. It contains a wide variety of emergency implements. It is made of a combination of durable, waterproof plastic, titanium, and/or aluminum materials and is an elongated tubular object. Some of the tools offered include a water filter, flashlight, blanket, two to three days’ worth of food rations, flares, blow gun and darts and fishing supplies to name just a few.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Ultimate Survival Rod.

The Patent Pending Ultimate Survival Rod was invented by Rafik Babakhani of Tujunga, CA who said, “The type of tools that are offered within the Ultimate Survival Rod illustrates that this is primarily a vital tool for outdoorsmen. Hikers, campers, mountain climbers and more will never want to be without this handy walking staff even when an emergency is not occurring. It is the best rescue tool ever whether needed for one’s self, companion or others.”

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