"The Umbrella Holder": A Practical Means of Keeping an Umbrella on Hand at All Times

Invents unveils "The Umbrella Holder" which eliminates left behind, lost and missing umbrellas.

Until an umbrella is needed, it doesn’t seem such an important piece of equipment, but when the skies open up and everyone becomes drenched, an umbrella becomes vital for the consumer. The new Umbrella Holder is a specially designed holder boasting an integrated wristband and configured for use in securing an umbrella to personal items directly onto the user. The design of the Umbrella Holder is to provide consumers with a practical means of keeping an umbrella on hand at all times thus allowing ready access in the event of a rain shower.

The Umbrella Holder is comprised of a sturdy but comfortable wristband with a retractable tether having two clip fasteners integrally attached with a low-tension chair or cable mechanism. The device is similar to a retractable leash (used when walking dogs) allowing the user to pull the designated length of cable as needed when wanting to utilize the umbrella. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Umbrella Holder.
The Patent Pending Umbrella Holder was invented by a resident of Brooklyn, NY who said “The Umbrella Holder first secures the umbrella and then the holder to an anchoring point such as a handbag strap, briefcase, belt loop or a back pack. The spring-loaded-interlocking jaws of the fasteners will securely, yet gently, attach either clip to the designated object. It works perfectly and brings the umbrella precisely where it is needed at the time.”

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