"The Under Counter Sink Installer Kit": A Professional, Reliable and Safe Tool

Invents introduces "The Under Counter Sink Installer Kit" which is a handyman's dream tool when repairing or installing sinks.

There are always secrets and tips to doing certain things in a certain way that will help the consumer. This is the case with the new Under Counter Sink Installer Kit. It is designed to assist in lifting and setting an under counter sink in place during installation. The design intent of the Under Counter Sink Installer Kit is to provide a professional, reliable and safe tool to aid in accomplishing the awkward task of installing an under counter sink. This same tool can be used to lift top-mounted sinks for repairs.
The Under Counter Sink Installer Kit has a specific purpose and is adjustable for quick repairs when necessary. It offers a practical solution to the problem with easy pulling up and positioning the sink for proper installation. The Under Counter Sink Installer Kit components work together and perform the installation easily. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Under Counter Sink Installer Kit.
ThePatent Pending Under Counter Sink Installer Kit was invented by Glauco Logrono of West New York, NJ who said “I developed this tool to facilitate my job. The Under Counter Sink Installer Kit will be useful for Do-It-Yourselfers, Contractors, Maintenance and service employees and others who install sinks in both residential and commercial situations. It is similar to a “jack” and users will find it saves time and money. It works.”

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