"The Universal BBQ" Presents Backyard Chefs With A State-Of-The-Art, Four-In-One, Device

"The Universal BBQ" is a 4-In-One Barbecue Oven—Grill / Smoke / Rotisserie / Bake Pizza.

This unusual new product is a four in one barbecue oven that allows users to grill, smoke, rotisserie and bake pizza using just this single appliance. It is a charcoal or wood-fired outdoor cooker, combining a grill, a smoker, a rotisserie and a pizza oven into one easily used elegantly designed outdoor BBQ (barbecue). It presents outdoor/backyard chefs with a state-of-the-art, four-in-one, device that has a stacking design of multiple, special-purpose compartments.

The Universal BBQ is suitable for both wood-fired and charcoal-fired cooking and is great for smoking meats, roasting meats, fish and poultry on a rotisserie, baking brick-oven pizza and grilling a whole variety of meats and vegetables. Whatever comes off the Universal BBQ is a tasty treat for all diners. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional interest in the Universal BBQ.

The Patent Pending Universal BBQ was invented by Ignazio Farina and his two sons, Beniamino Farina and Giulano Farina of Elizabeth, NJ who said, “ Outdoor cooking becomes more fun when families and friends gather for a special taste of delicious food. If you have the Universal BBQ you have a special way to fix certain foods that gives added ambiance tickling the taste buds of both the preparers and guests. The Universal BBQ guarantees great food.”

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