"The Universal Sinker Molds/Weight Molds": An Improved Fitting For Fastening A Fishing Sinker To A Lure, Bait Or Fishing Line

"The Universal Sinker Molds/Weight Molds" will hold avid fishermen in awe as they switch from one size /style sinker or lure to another.

Attention avid anglers around the world....this new Universal Sinker Molds/Weight Molds is an improved fitting for fastening a fishing sinker to a lure, bait or fishing line. The quick-change, secure spring-clip design of the universal Sinker Molds/Weight Molds enables anglers to quickly and easily switch from one size or style sinker to another, or to switch lures using the same sinker and to do so without the need of fishing pliers!

The Universal Sinker Molds/Weight Molds replaces the existing eye-and-shackle design of fishing sinkers in which the sinker is equipped with an eye to which a snap-swivel or slide-shackle is fastened via a system in which each sinker would be molded with a dedicated through-hole. This hole is designed to receive and accommodate a universal through-fitting carbon spring-clip which acts as both eye and shackle. It is can all be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Universal Sinker Molds/Weight Molds.

The Patent Pending Universal Sinker Molds/Weight Molds were invented by Aleksander Lyubovich and Mykhilo Lytvynenko of Philadelphia, PA who said, “Simplicity, versatility and ease-of-use are the watchwords for our new Universal Sinker Molds/Weight Molds. This product offers anglers convenience in changing out one sinker for another without having to use pliers or cut and re-knot the line.”

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