"The USB Adapter for Cell Phones and Tablets": Use a USB Drive on a Phone or Tablet With This Adapter

​The USB Adapter for Cell Phones and Tablets is a compact, external adapting device specially designed to join a cell phone or tablet directly with a USB drive. It is designed to provide consumers with an easy, effective, and direct means of backing up cell and tablet data, as well as providing additional data storage for large files such as videos you want to play on your phone or tablet without being connected to a computer. The USB Adapter for Cell Phones and Tablets will be extremely easy to use, by simply inserting  micro USB connector of the adapter into the charging port of a cell phone or tablet. You will then just follow the on-screen instructions for transferring data from the drive to the phone and vice versa. The data will be immediately available to view on your phone or tablet.

The USB Adapter for Cell Phones and Tablets will be simple to use, and easy to back up your phone to the USB drive also. You could perform the backup regimen each time new data is added to your phone, and the data will be readily available in the event your phone is lost, damaged, or stolen. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the USB Adapter for Cell Phones and Tablets.

The Patent Pending USB Adapter for Cell Phones and Tablets was invented  by  Cathy  Parker  and  Joshua Parker of Chula Vista, CA who said, “This adapter will encourage people to purchase more USB memory  drives. By being able to view files through a USB drive, it will make it easier to view large files on your phone without having to add them to your phone.”

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