"The USB Dual Charger": Provides Clutter Free Charging for Multiple Devices

Technology continues to develop and grow. The proof of that simple statement is in this new device. The USB Dual Charger is a compact, waterproof, Universal Serial Bus storage device with cloud storage, and a rechargeable internal battery that features two (2) built in chargers, one for an iPhone and the other for an Android smartphone. Design intent is to provide a centralized and easily portable means of charging the batteries of different phones while also reducing the clutter caused by multiple chargers. As a storage device, this product would also offer convenient saving of and access to important data.

The USB Dual Charger is a waterproof Universal Serial Bus (USB) data storage device with cloud storage and an internal, rechargeable battery that doubles as a charging base configured to accommodate up to two (2) different styles of smartphones. In this manner, two phones can be charged without the use of an electrical outlet, laptop or PC and without cluttering countertops or using multiple power outlets. The USB Dual Charger itself can be charged via an electrical outlet, laptop, or pc. Swivel-mounted into a removable housing and featuring a handy string or keyring holder, the rectangular USB drive offers dimensions of approximately 2”L x .5”W x .43”D and can be offered as a USB 3.0 (compatible with USB 2.0, as most electronic devices feature ports for one or the other), the drive is available in a variety of storage capacities, including 4, 8, 16, and 32 GB. Extending from one side of the drive is a specially configured dock for the latest iPhone; the distal end of the USB presents a dock specially created for the latest Android phone device. The USB Dual Charger is programmed to interface with these devices and their batteries utilizing the retained power acquired from plugging the USB into a computer or other power outlet. While allowing a user to save data to the drive as well as access already-stored information, the USB Dual Charger is also able to juice up the two disparate phones. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the USB Dual Charger.
The USB Dual Charger is Patent Pending and was invented by LaDee Samuel of Teaneck, NJ who said, “This product allows a user to power multiple electronic devices in an organized fashion without the use of an outlet or other charging device. It eliminates the clutter all over the house using numerous pieces of chargers and more. It is a centralized USB Dual Charger and permits data storage and access even when two phones are charging. It works perfectly.”

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