"The Vac-U-Dawg": Hands-Free Unit Picks Up Doggy Poop Leaving No Smell and No Mess

Picking up the waste of a pet is reminiscent of changing a diaper on a baby. But in this case, it is cleaner and easier. The Vac-U-Dawg is a compact, rechargeable, hand-held vacuum cleaner designed specifically for removing pet-waste from lawns, sidewalks, and other grounds which might be used by one’s dog during a walk. A complete, all-in-one system for walking and cleaning up after one's dog, this method is fast, effective, and far cleaner than alternative methods of “picking up” after one’s pet. It enables dog-owners and other pet owners to clean up their pets’ waste without contact—quickly and discreetly—at the press of a button. The Vac-U-Dawg can also be used inside to clean up any indoor pet accidents.

The unit is a canister-style wet/dry vacuum powered by an internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and featuring an outer case of tough and durable ABS plastic. The canister-style unit will have a top carry handle which serves to store and dispense the scented vacuum bags that the system employs. A button on the front of the unit dispenses a vacuum bag down through a tube which opens into a chamber at the bottom of the canister. The bottom of the canister and the vacuum bag, are positioned over the pet waste then lowered to the ground to cover it. With the Vac-U-Dawg in position the user activates the vacuum sucking the waste into the bag, then lifting the bag into the storage chamber in the lower half of the canister. The interior chamber of the canister twists and retracts to a closed position securing the filled vacuum bag in the storage chamber so it can be carried home or to a trashcan for proper disposal. The lower section of the canister – the pickup and storage chamber – can be easily unsnapped or twisted free of the upper half for cleaning. The Vac-U-Dawg is equipped with two LED lights – one on the front of the canister acting as a flashlight for night walks and one in a rubberized ring at the base of the canister casting light downward to make positioning the Vac-U-Dawg over pet waste quick, easy, and accurate. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Vac-U-Dawg.
The Vac-U-Dawg is Patent Pending and was invented by Cynthia Walker of Round Lake, IL who said, “This is a complete, self-contained, all-in-one system to make walking one's dog – and cleaning up after it – an easy, more enjoyable chore. The Vac-U-Dawg allows the owner/walker to fully clean-up doggy poop in a hands-free manner. It works well in the daytime and at night and completes the pick-up in a hygienic way. It works.”

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