"The Vap Cap": A Moisture-Absorbent Cap That Is To Be Worn By People During The Course Of Exercising

"The Vap Cap" will keep head/hair sweat-free during effort expended while exercising.

The new Vap Cap is a moisture-absorbent cap that is to be worn by people during the course of exercising. It absorbs the wearer's perspiration and keeps the hair (or head) from becoming wet, tangled and unmanageable which is a drawback and impediment to working-out that the Vap Cap effectively negates.

The Vap Cap consists of three main pieces, the inner layer is for a one size fits all, machine-washable elastic or spandex liner, similar in shape and style to a swimmer's cap and roomy enough to easily fit securely over the head, with the hair tucked up into it. The outer layer is similar to a standard baseball cap and between the liner and outer cap is the third component of the Vap Cap; containing one or more packets of desiccant silica-gel beads designed to absorb and retain moisture in excess of its own volume. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Vap Cap.

The Patent Pending Vap Cap was invented by Yvonne Bates of Houston, TX who said, “My prototype works perfectly and quickly evaporates perspiration from one's head during and after the efforts expended during heavy exercise. The Vap Cap allows the user to remain fresh and groomed. Without the Vap Cap, health and fitness (exercise) will suffer because of the concern of a user over his or her personal appearance.”

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